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DisneyCollector presents Dora the Explorer House Playset from Nickelodeon. The Dora Explorer House from Fisher-Price has everything you need for your everyday adventures, including one of her best friends, Swiper! Featuring 2 floors of play and fun pieces, this playset offers hours of creative playtime for little explorers! Plan the perfect play date at Dora’s house! Kids can help Dora practice for the big piano recital while they make up their own songs and sing along! They can also pretend to play in the kitchen, cooking Mami’s recipes or making sweet treats for the fiesta—and stopping Swiper from swiping them! And after a long day of adventures, little ones can help Dora and Swiper get ready and settled in for bedtime. Also includes piano, stove, table and bed play pieces. thx 4 watching DisneyCollectorBR ToyChannel.Here`s how Dora is called in other languages: Dora la Exploradora, Dora l’exploratrice, Ντόρα η Εξερευνήτρια, Дора Исследователь, 도라, ドラエクスプローラ, Dora nhà thám hiểm, Dora kaşif, Dora explorer, Dora สำรวจ, A Aventureira, Даша путешественница.La Exploradora, l`exploratrice, l`esploratrice.Here`s how blocks is also called in other languages: Juego de Bloques, Blocs de jeu, Blocks Spiel, Blocchi del gioco, παιχνίδι μπλοκ, Блок игра, jeux de blocs, jogos de blocos, bausteine, bouwstenen, building blocks, bloques de construcción, δομικά στοιχεία, blocos de construção, juguetes de construcción, giochi di costruzione, brinquedos de construção, Konstruktionsspielzeug.Here`s how Play-Doh is called other languages: Playdough, Clay, Plastisin, Plastilin, Plastelin, Plasticina, Plastelina, Plasticine, Plastilină, Plastiline, Plastilina, Plastisin, Crayola, gyurma, plastelinë, plastelin, пластылін, modellervoks, plastiliin, Pâte à modeler, pasta de modelar, muovailuvaha, Modellera, arcilla, juegos de moldear, juegos de modelar, Пластилін, 泥胶, Modeling clay, Modelliermasse, Pâte à modeler, Massa de modelar, 粘土, Massinhas de modelar, 培乐多, プラスティシーン, πλαστελίνη, лепка из глины, 점토, пластилин, プラスティシーン, 橡皮泥.Go on Adventures with this latina Dora helping her solve problems. Shape and mold as you and Dora explore new places and meet new friends.This show airs on the Nickelodeon, including Nick Jr. channel. Show is about a Latina girl named Dora Marquez with a love of embarking on quests related to an activity in which she would like to partake or some place that she wants to go, accompanied by her talking purple backpack and her talking Monkey Boots. Diego is from another Nickelodeon show called Go Diego Go! who rescues animals around the world. Diego is Dora`s older cousin.Dora es una niña latina de 7 años que, junto a su amigo Botas, un mono de 5 años, corren aventuras para cumplir una misión o buscar algo que perdieron o que les robó Swiper el Zorro. Cada episodio se desarrolla como si fuera un videojuego interactivo en el que Dora pide ayuda a los espectadores para que la ayuden a encontrar el camino correcto o algún objeto o personaje. Diego es el primo de Dora. Que tiene su propia serie de TV "Go, Diego Go!".Play-Doh Fun Factory Machine Spin `n Store Rainbow Popsicles Ice Cream Set "Play-Doh Scoops `n Treats" Disney Princess Glitzi Globes Spin `n Sparkle Castle Make Snow Globe Glitzi Globes Disney out reviews of ToyCollector Blucollection .Click to Subscribe DCTC Toys-Collector Unboxing ao Canal Brasileiro de Brinquedos e